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The Civilizationism Project

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In the past two decades, there has been a world-wide resurgence of discourses that define the people in terms of their unique civilizational identity and call for states to refurbish their timeless civilizational glory. These discourses, or “new civilizationisms” as we call them, both draw on and react against an older, Enlightenment-inspired, and Eurocentric notion of civilization. We are part of an international research network setting out to map the overlapping ecosystems of new civilizationism.

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Team Members

Our team is comprised of scholars from various locations (including North America, Europe, and Asia) and a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines. 

Reading Lists

Our reading lists collect publications about civilizationist discourse based on four key themes: “Genealogies”, “Networks, infrastructures and World-making”, “States” and “Identities”. 

Our Events

Historical Memory as an Act of Worldmaking

Contextualizing New Civilizationalisms in the 21st Century

Historical Observatory, Geismar Landstraße 11

Network Workshop

War and Civilizationist Horizons

Violence, Revanchism and ‘Revenge Memories’


Network Workshop

An International Conference on New Civilizationisms


Stanford University
United States

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Contact Us 

The Department of Anthropology, Stanford University 
Main Quad, Building 50
450 Jane Stanford Way
Stanford, CA 94305
Email: (Professor Thomas Hansen)

Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS), University of Göttingen 
Waldweg 26
37073 Göttingen
Email: (Professor Srirupa Roy)

For general inquiries about the website
Contact Cynthia Chen (click to email us)